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Pope Francis Undermines His Own Synodal Project

December 1, 2022      Nyheter      Torstein Seim      no responses

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This is a pressrelase from We Are Church Ireland


Is Pope Francis practising the ‘Listening’ that he preaches?

We Are Church Ireland is astonished and disappointed at recent comments made by Pope Francis on the role of women in the Church.

In an interview with AMERICA magazine (28 November 2022) the Pope ruled out, not only the possibility of female ordination but also the possibility of female ministry. He crudely defined Ministry as being reserved for men alone:

“The Petrine principle is that of Ministry.”

Since 2015, the Pope has been calling on all of us to walk together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to listen with humility and respect to one another. He has encouraged a ‘Culture of Encounter’ among Catholics and urged us to meet one another in a sacred space of mutual regard, where prejudices and rigid positions are set aside in an effort to fully engage with and listen to ‘the other’.

Women in particular, all over the world, responded in huge numbers to his invitation to take part in the “Synodal Process”. In their submissions, they expressed a strong desire for full equality in the Church and called for all ministries to be open to them.

We ask these questions because even before the Continental phase of the Synodal Process takes place in March 2023, it appears the Pope is already trying to pre-empt all discussion by excluding women from all ministries.

We Are Church Ireland entered into the Synodal Process in good faith and with a spirit of enthusiasm. We care about our Church and we want to help it become a better sign of the divine reality that it points towards.

Sadly, Pope Francis’s recent comments about women in the Church leaves us mystified and confused about his commitment to the Synodal Process.

We call on the Pope to practice the ‘Listening’ that he preaches.

Colm Holmes & Ursula Halligan, Joint Coordinators, WAC Ireland


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